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January 2, 2019

Episode 51 - KH 3 Full Game Leak & Activision Stock Plummets.

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In this week's Episode, Anthony, & Taylor are joined by Matt & Aidan as they discuss the new Epic Gamestore policies, New JumpForce Characters coming to the game, Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks, & Activision's loss of stock.

Epic users are heading over to steam to try and find support for games purchased off the Epic Game Store. This, in turn, is causing issues for developers, as they are then forced to offer support for the issues themselves.


A dozen copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 have been stolen from one of Square Enix's Manufacturing plants. We discuss what this could mean for the game and how you may be able to find and download it online RIGHT NOW!


Lastly, we discuss how Activision is dragging down Blizzard as a whole and could affect the company in the years to come. Will we see more Mobile Blizzard games? Time will only tell.


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