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November 24, 2019

Google Stadia Launch | X019 Recap - Power Up Podcast #95

This week Taylor is joined by Anthony, Andrew, and Matt as they recap the week's news, games they played during the week, The Stadia Launch, Tech, and so much more!

Kicking things off in this week's episode, we start off by discussing the recent Stadia launch and reviews of the system as well as our thoughts on if the service will be successful to the everyday gamer or not. Could Stadia be the future of Video Games? We can only wait and see, for now, why not check out our thoughts on the service!

Next up, Anthony recaps the Xbox 2019 event (which is basically the Nintendo Direct of Microsoft) What cool games were announced during this event? Tune in to find out!

Next up, Andrew discusses a potential Call of Duty leak! CoD Modern Warfare 2019 may possibly be getting a new Battle Royale Mode soon! For all the details, check out the show!

These were just some of the topics we discussed this week. For the full show, make sure to watch above, or tune in to the episode on any and all Podcast Platforms. From Spotify to Itunes and everything in between. All links are below!


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