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March 17, 2019

Power Up Podcast #61 | Pokemon Revolver Ocelot & THQ 8CHAN AMA.

Welcome to another episode of the Power Up Podcast. Today, we are 1 guest short but Andrew, Taylor and Anthony have it covered. They sit down and discuss the state of EA, Pokemon and much more.

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First up, the guys talk a bit about the recently announced Pokemon Sword & Shield that will be coming to the Switch. The new map is based on the UK and will feature a fire, water, and grass starter Pokemon. Is this the game that most Pokemon fans have been waiting for? Could the Pokemon company have done a better job? We discuss.

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Next up, is EA slipping on games publishing and was the Mass Effect and Dragon age series flukes? We discuss just what EA & Bioware needs to do to put out successful games. We also take a look at Anthem's recent sales figures and find out just what it is that makes Anthem bad.

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The recent AMA on 8CHAN has drawn the attention of gamers and the news in general. The management team sat down and announced that they were doing an AMA last minute on the highly controversial website 8CHAN. That did not go as planned!


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