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July 9, 2019

Power Up Podcast #77 | Loot Boxes are now “Surprise Mechanics” - New PUBG?

In this week's Power Up Podcast, Taylor is joined by Anthony Dennis, Andrew Duron, and Josh Atkinson as they recap the week's news, discuss their after E3 hangovers and so much more. Below is a detailed list of what was discussed on this week's show.

First up, the guys discuss EA's recent response to the Loot Box problem and go on the record to say that they don't call Loot boxes what they are. Instead, they call them "Surprise Mechanics" What kind of response is that? With the push to ban gambling elements in Video Games nowadays, what could this mean for Video Games as a whole?

Following our leading topic this week. Andrew discusses the news that a potential new PUBG game is in development. According to a couple of quotes from the company. PUBG 2 is looking to move away from the Battle Royale element and focus more on a single player experience! Is this actually doable? What could this mean for PUBG as a whole?

Next on the list. Anthony dives into the supposed Final Fantasy 14 Live Action TV show that is currently being worked on! Is anyone interested in this? Is this something you have been waiting for for a long time? Let us know in the comments below and also let us know your suggestions on what elements you would love to see in the TV Show if any.

These are just some of the topics we discussed this week. make sure you listen to the whole episode to catch up on all topics discussed in this episode.

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