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July 24, 2019

Power Up Podcast #79 - Switch Lite Announcement | G2A Ads

Welcome to another Power Up Podcast. We hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to leave us a Like and follow us on YouTube. In this week's show, Taylor is joined by Anthony, Andrew and returning guest to the show, Ethan. They discuss the week's news, discuss tech, trends and so much more.

Starting us off, the leading topic for this week's podcast is the new announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite. A cut down Switch version that costs $100 less than a standard Switch, but compromises scree size, Joycons, Docking capabilities and IR capabilities. The guys discuss if they will be interested in buying one of these cut-down Switches and just who may be buying one.

Following this, Andrew discusses the recent G2A emails that have been making the rounds wanting smaller websites to publish an article promoting the Key reseller and stating that they are a fully legit place to buy PC Games. This, in turn, caused developers to respond to these 'claims' and go on the record saying "I am a developer and I have no problems with pirates because nobody is losing money or time. I have a problem with key resellers because they cost me time while they earn money for something I made with my time."

Many developers have come forward condemning G2A. What are your thoughts on this? Should G2A Refund developers for their keys sold? The team discusses.

According to a recent confirmation, Cuphead is getting a TV show. Netflix is said to be working on the project and is also said to be bringing on a star-studded animation crew. Some of the Folks behind Popeye, Rocco's Modern Life and much more. Our only question, Should this be an Anime?

These are just some of the topics from today's episode.

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