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June 30, 2019

Power Up Podcast Episode 76 - Fave E3 Moments & Will Modern Warfare be Censored?!?

Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of the Power Up Podcast. In this one, Taylor, and Anthony are joined by two newcomers, Josh and Conner as they discuss the aftershock that is E3, as well as a couple of other news topics from this week. So sit back, relax and grab your favourite hot beverage!

Kicking this episode off, the guys discuss E3 and the aftershock of what that has done to the industry. They also discuss some of their favourite moments from the show as well as some of their least favourite moments. Let us know below what you thought of E3 this year!

Next up, Anthony talks about some recent Marvel Avengers game news relating to character design and story progression. According to an interview conducted at E3, The character models of the Avengers featured in the game will not be changing. When revealed, fans were shocked by just how the Avengers looked in the game. Also, CO-OP players will not be able to play through the campaign/Story-mode with their friends as the campaign is locked to single player only. There will, however, beside missions that co-op players can embark on.

Following this, Tensions mount as rumours spread relating to the new Modern Warfare game and just how much censorship this game may come under. Taylor discusses his thoughts on the issue as well as just what this could mean for the Video Game Industry. Are you hyped for Modern Warfare? Let us know down below!

These are just some of the topics we discussed this week. make sure you listen to the whole episode to catch up on all topics discussed in this episode.

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