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February 4, 2020

PS4 exclusives coming to PC??? - Possible KOTOR Remake? | Power Up Podcast #101

From PS4 games possibly being bought to PC, to a potential new KOTOR remake. This is Power Up Podcast episode 101.

In this week's episode, Taylor is joined by Anthony and Andrew as they recap the week's news, speculate on rumours and generally discuss gaming. If you like the episode, we would love you to drop a like on the video and possibly subscribe! Also, let us know your thoughts on the topics we discuss in the show. We would love to hear from you!

Kicking things off in this week,s show. The boys discuss possible PS4 exclusives making their way to PC. What does this mean for PS4 players? Could we see a Horizon Zero Dawn PC? Also, if all exclusives are making their way to PC, who needs a Console?

Next up, Activision announces all their Call of Duty content and content associated with Activision will be streamed on YouTube from now on. This is a massive blow to Twitch as another major content contributor makes the switch from Twitch to another platform.

Following this, Did you know it's not illegal to be muted in a game? A Player of a Jagex game found himself muted by an admin of a server and sued the developer claiming it violated his civil rights... Catch up on all that news in this episode.

These were only some of the topics discussed in this week's episode of the Power Up Podcast. Catch up on all the news on the show by watching the episode.

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