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Welcome to another episode of the Power Up Podcast. Today, we are 1 guest short but Andrew, Taylor and Anthony have it covered. They sit down and discuss the state of EA, Pokemon and much more.

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First up, the guys talk a bit about the recently announced Pokemon Sword & Shield that will be coming to the Switch. The new map is based on the UK and will feature a fire, water, and grass starter Pokemon. Is this the game that most Pokemon fans have been waiting for? Could the Pokemon company have done a better job? We discuss.

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Next up, is EA slipping on games publishing and was the Mass Effect and Dragon age series flukes? We discuss just what EA & Bioware needs to do to put out successful games. We also take a look at Anthem's recent sales figures and find out just what it is that makes Anthem bad.

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The recent AMA on 8CHAN has drawn the attention of gamers and the news in general. The management team sat down and announced that they were doing an AMA last minute on the highly controversial website 8CHAN. That did not go as planned!


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In this week's Power Up Podcast, Anthony and Taylor are joined by Matt and Tristan as they discuss the week's news, trends and much more.


First up, Reggie is on his way out of Nintendo and is looking at retiring. Replacing him is Doug Bowser, the new CEO of Nintendo America. Doug Bowser worked at EA for some time before coming over to Nintendo and has been featured in promotional materials throughout the company. Will we be seeing more sports games on the Switch? We never know.

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There has been a recent Datamine into the game that is Apex Legends. There is apparently a couple of new characters / Legends coming to the game. Similar to Bloodhound, Prophet, looks to be a tracking character with his abilities revolving around loot finds and loot collection. Next up, A Titan pilot by the name of Octane seems to be joining the mix. This Legend is rumoured to include wall running abilities and a couple of other awesome alts. These Legends are still just rumours at this point but we are waiting to see what Respawn has to say about the upcoming year 1 Battle pass etc.

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Dead or Alive 6 is back in the news with some rather... interesting moves demoed in its recent gameplay demo. This news comes from a recent gameplay demo of the moves and what not included in the game. The guy playing the game at the time paused the battle right at a certain moment of gameplay that has caught the attention of news outlets and gamers alike. You can check out the article and video right here... https://www.kotaku.com.au/2019/02/evo...

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We then discuss the new Operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege as well as their abilities and some of the... inaccuracies of the new maps and characters.

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Hello all, welcome to another Power Up Podcast. This week, it's episode 59. Anthony and Taylor are joined by Ethan and Joel as they recap the weeks news and convey their opinions on the week's happenings (Including the Anthem Beta)


First up, our leading topic this week is the layoff's from Activision and the need for potential unionization of the Video Game industry. Were these 800 employees of Activision/Blizzard laid off correctly? Is there really a need for further policing of what happens in the Gaming industry? We discuss!

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Next up, Anthony discusses the recent announcement of Project X-cloud, Microsoft's answer to Google and Amazon's streaming services. Just what will this service offer? How many games will be playable on this service and when will it be available to the masses?

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Links Awakening is also just around the corner. The guys discuss what Zelda games they would want to see remade for the Switch as well as if Links Awakening was a smart decision to put on the Switch

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Another awesome episode of the Power Up Podcast, Taylor is joined by Anthony, Andrew and Matt as they discuss the weeks gaming news as well as a couple of extra tidbits.


First up, the guys give their thoughts on the recently released Apex Legends, as well as Anthony's INSANE amount of hours on the game (which he still doesn't agree with) What are your thoughts on Apex Legend's?


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Next up, Andrew brings us the latest news from the Mortal Kombat front. Mortal Kombat 11 is set to be a softish reboot for the series with most characters that have appeared throughout the series history returning. EVERYONE IS HERE!


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Next up, Matt deep dives into the new Radeon 7 GPU that is priced very similarly to the 2080 TI, but offers nowhere near the same performance. Has AMD slipped up with this new GPU? Check out Tech for Thought's Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDwDM...


Image result for radeon 7 gpu


Next Up, A couple of Telltale ex-employees are creating their own Studio, called, Adhoc studios. They are apparently looking at creating a Bandersnatch type game (much like what Telltale was renowned for)


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In this week's Power Up Podcast, Anthony, Andrew & Taylor are Joined by Omar as they discuss the week in gaming news and the latest FAKE news they can dig up!


First up, Metro Exodus has officially moved from Steam to the Epic store. Gamers are a bit upset about the game being exclusive to the epic store for a time. Previous pre-orders through Steam will adhered to though and Steam has expressed their disappointment in this happening.

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Next Up, Fortnite has been making waves in the Battle Royale scene when Marshmellow recently held a concert that had over a million players attend. This is one of the first ever in-game concerts that any artist has ever performed and it has had resounding success. Could this be the future of entertainment?

Image result for fortnite marshmello

Finally, the team discusses Respawn's latest endeavours into the Battle Royale genre that is Apex Legends and what this means for Titanfall 3.

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Welcome once again to another Culture of Gaming power Up Podcast. In this weeks show,


Taylor discusses the recent Anthem Open Demo thoughts and what exactly was lacking from the game. Could this be a hard launch for Bioware and did they make a mistake with Anthem?


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Next Up, Andrew delves deep with the recent Assassins Creed Odyssey Expansion and the backlash that this recent DLC has received. Should game developers change their games main storyline and characters to suit gamers? We discuss.


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A Cyberpunk Developer has left the company for Blizzard. Ethan discusses whether this means a new project is in the works for Blizzard or if its just a simple change of pace.


Image result for cyberpunk dev leaves for blizzard


Anthony discusses a possible spec leak for the Xbox Scarlet and what this means for next-gen console war. Are we going to see some sweet raytracing tech?


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And Finally, Taylor discusses Metroid Prime 4 being delayed and Retro studios taking up the mantle of developer of the new game.


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Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the internet. Welcome to another Power-Up Podcast episode. In this weeks episode, Taylor returns to the podcast and is joined by Andrew, Ethan and Anthony as they recap the weeks news and impart their pearls of wisdom on the Video Game industry.


First up, Anthony discusses Nintendo possibly leaving the Console market and going more into the Mobile field of Video Games. What do you think this could mean for the gaming giant? Do you think we may see more mobile IP from Nintendo? Let us know in the comments below.


Next up Apparently the Queen's lost Wii has been found... Yes, that's right, as a marketing stunt, one of the many party games on the Wii designed a gold plated Wii as a publicity stunt to send to the queen. Ethan discusses.


Next up, Ethan also discusses EA's latest escapade into cancelling yet another Star Wars game. Could Lucas Arts potentially take the rights off EA? we find out.


Of course, there is much more to this episode than this description. So, make sure to check it all out.


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Power Up In this weeks Episode, Taylor is still out of town at CES. But, Andrew and Anthony are joined by David and Aidan as they discuss Japan's Modding situation, as well as Bungie Splitting from Activision.


First Up, David discusses just what it means to be a gamer in Japan now and why Japan has decided to impose heavy penalties on the modding community. Is this just relating to E-Sports or do these new laws apply to the entire Videogame Industry?


Image result for japan banned modding


Next up, Andrew discusses the recent split between Activision and Bungee and how this may affect the parent company. Does Activision have enough IP to support them long term? We can only watch and see.


Image result for activision bungie split


Aiden also discusses the Epic store being the only pc storefront to sell the Division 2. Is Steam slowly on the way out? Are they charging developers too much?


Image result for epic store


And lastly, Anthony discusses Amazon's recent plans to develop a streaming platform similar to Google and Microsofts. They are looking at launching this new platform in 2020 and are currently in talks with Developers and publishers with regard to what content they would like to see on their new service.


Image result for Amazon game Streaming


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This is Power Up Podcast's Episode 53. In this episode, the audio is very quiet for the first three-quarters of this episode. 


In this weeks episode of the Power Up Podcast, Taylor is out of town for CES, but Anthony & Andrew are joined by Sean as they discuss the new Mad Box console, as well as the leak of the new Smash Ultimate DLC fighters.


First up, Andrew discusses the Mad Box, a new console in development by Slightly Mad Studios who aim to make the console apart pc & console hybrid. Capable of bringing gamers the best of all worlds, this console will be cross platform for the most part.

Image result for mad box


Next up, Sean discusses how assorted Retailers are selling the Nintendo Wii U at a whopping $900 dollars. The guys discuss what this means for the last gen console and how many consoles are left for shipping.


Image result for wii u


Anthony then discusses how Activision's CFO has left the company and what this means for Activision/Blizzard. The two companies have seen many staff leave over the past couple of months. It will be interesting to see what Activision does in the future.



As always, You can connect with Culture of Gaming on Social media. If you liked this video, leave a like and subscribe. If not, make sure to let us know.





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Thank you so much for making us a part of your weekly routine, or, for just checking us out.


We are the Power Up podcast operated by Culture of Gaming. If you like what you see in this episode, please subscribe to our channel, and of course, like the video as well. For now, let's get started!


First up, Andrew discusses how Street Fighter V had implemented Ads onto character skins and what this means for the community. Of course, the SFV community fought back, objecting to the skin and outfit changes. The PuP crew discusses what this means for gaming as a whole and if we shall start seeing more ads in video games.


Image result for Street Fighter V ads on characters


Taylor, Anthony, Matt and Andrew also discuss the sudden price drop of the PlayStation classic, why this has occurred and what Sony could have done to avoid such a failed product.


Image result for ps classic


Next up, Anthony discusses Polyphony Digitals new Raytracing tech they are looking at introducing into all Gran Tourismo games, how this will affect the industry as a whole if this will act as a boost into the raytracing industry and how consoles will come to adapt to these new changes.


Image result for polyphony raytracing


Lastly, Taylor & Matt discuss Soulja boy's console takedown, Nintendos recent threats against the artist and what this means for the hopeful developer.


Image result for soulja console


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